Ways to Make a Lasting Impact

Ways to Make a Lasting Impact

Now you can continue your support for Benedictine College and make it a vital part of your life story. This is an opportunity to give a special gift of impact and significance – your legacy gift – that will demonstrate your dedication to the mission of Benedictine College.

If you’re like most people, your legacy gift is probably the most generous gift that you will ever give. It’s a gift that represents what’s important to you in your life. That’s why we always pledge to honor your generosity.


Gifts That Cost You Nothing Now

Gifts That Pay You Income

Other Ways To Give

We’re honored that you’re considering Benedictine College in your legacy plans. And so we make this pledge to you: we will always use your legacy gift wisely and in the way that you intend.

Please contact us if you’ve named Benedictine College in your estate plans. We’d like to recognize you for your generosity and commitment to the mission of Benedictine College.