Our Vision


Our Vision

“I wake up every morning excited to spend another day in such a positive, challenging, faith-filled, and high-energy environment!”

– Annie Lind, student at Benedictine College

This is the vision of Benedictine College – fostering students who will transform the world through their commitment to intellectual, personal, and spiritual greatness. Your generous support will further our vision of community, faith and scholarship for students now and in the future.

And it’s how we’re building one of the great Catholic colleges in America – one life at a time.

A life of community.

In community, students encounter themselves and grow in character, discovering relationships and leadership, seeing themselves as God sees them – as individuals with unique worth and yet part of the larger unity.

A life of faith.

In their search for truth, students discover that as their lives become an expression of Jesus’ love, secure in the Christian tradition and the Eucharist, they can follow their hearts as they explore their world and grow always closer to God.

A life of  scholarship.

Students at Benedictine College revel in a broad-based liberal arts exploration, discovering how to see the world from a variety of perspectives but with unwavering devotion to the truth.

Recognized by US News & World Report, TheBestSchools.org, First Things magazine, and The Newman Guide, Benedictine College is at the forefront of the new evangelization.

This academic excellence, this community engagement, this liberating faith in Christ all become part of your life story – part of who you are as a Catholic – when you make your legacy gift to preserve the past, present and future of Benedictine College.